CSC Insurance Exam Questions and Answers PDF 2023

CSC Insurance Exam Questions and Answers PDF 2023, CSC VLE insurance exam questions and answers 2023, CSC VLE insurance exam questions and answers pdf in Hindi, CSC VLE exam questions and answers, INS CSC Insurance Exam Answer Key 2023.

Common Service Centres (CSC) is offering two insurance exams as follows:

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csc insurance exam questions and answers pdf
  1. Rural Authorised Person (RAP) for Insurance
  2. VLE Insurance Exam

If you are looking to do insurance through your Digital Seva Portal (DSP). Then you need to pass any one of the exams and be certificated as an authorized person for insurance. In this article, we are providing the VLE Insurance Exam Questions and Answers PDF 2023. However, we already provided you CSC RAP Exam Questions and Answers 2023 PDF in the previous article.

CSC Insurance Exam Questions and Answers Highlights

Exam NameVLE Insurance (INS-VLE)
Exam AuthorityCommon Service Centres (CSC)
Exam Duration30 Minutes
No. of Questions25
Type of QuestionsObjective Type
Passing Marks10
Exam TimingAny Time
Exam DaysAll Days of Week
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CSC Insurance Exam Questions and Answers PDF 2023 (VLE INS)

If VLE Qualifies for the VLE-INS Exam, then he/ she will be able to do Motor, Health, and Life Insurance through Digital Seva Portal (DSP) and earn a higher commission through insurance. Here are CSC Insurance (VLE INS) Exam Questions and Answers that will you score 100% marks in VLE INS Exam 2023.

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  • Ques No. 1: Indemnity means a guarantee or an assurance to put the insured in the same position in which he was immediately prior to the happening of the contingency insured. That means the insurer undertakes to.
    • Ans: Make good the loss.
  • Ques No. 2: Insurance is a mechanism that helps reduce adverse consequences through______.
    • Ans: Pooling spreading and sharing of risk.
  • Ques No. 3: On 20th January 1956 all life insurance companies operating in India were taken over by _ nominated custodians.
    • Ans: 43
  • Ques No. 4: Employees state Insurance Act 1948 provides for.
    • Ans: Medical aid to workers and their families working in Industries located in certain notified areas.
  • Ques No. 5: LIC of India act was passed in June 1956 but it came into force on…….
    • Ans: Sept 1, 1956.
  • Ques No. 6: In any contract, if there is an offer and acceptance, what is the third condition that must be fulfilled to make it a complete contract?
    • Ans: Consideration.
  • Ques No. 7: A fact that influences a prudent underwriter? The decision to accept the risk or not is known as_____
    • Ans: Material fact.
  • Ques No. 8: Conventionally Insurance has been classified into ______
    • Ans: Life Insurance and General Insurance.
  • Ques No. 9: All the insurance in India are governed by the rules and regulations framed by IRDAI except _______
    • Ans: Postal Life insurance.
  • Ques No. 10: Generally, a person seeking insurance writes a form to the insurer and applies for insurance. This form is known as __
    • Ans: Proposal form

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FAQs for CSC Insurance Exam 2023

What are the criteria for VLE INS certification?

VLE needs to have a minimum qualification of 10th Passed. Training Modules for VLE INS: 15 Modules. Passing Marks for Examination: VLE INS 10/25.

What is the registration fee for VLE INS?

The registration fee for VLE INS is Rs. 200.

How much time does it take VLE to be activated for Insurance after certification?

It will take 15 days of activation for Insurance from certification.

What are the days and timings of the examination to appear for VLE INS/RAP certification?

A VLE (Village Level Entrepreneur) can appear for VLE INS Examination in 7 days a week at anytime.

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